Senior 3D Computer Vision And Imaging Algorithms Engineer at Anenke

Senior 3D Computer Vision And Imaging Algorithms Engineer

Main activities

 Automatic 3D segmentation

Automatic segmentation of organs from 3D files (optical scanners, cone beam …) Automatic orientation and labeling of each anatomical segment.


Automated simulation with user learning

Develop a tool for generating treatment simulations, highlighting the most effective therapies. This tool should have the ability to learn and improve 3D design and / or 3D simulation based on corrections made by doctors, dentists and orthodontists.

Optional activities

 Development of a scripted 3D design software

Develop a 3D interface software that can automatically design custom prosthetics and orthesis thanks to scripts.

Software with integrations with optical scanners, X-ray scanners (or cone beam CT) of one part and with other party’s 3D printers or milling machins.

Software in SaaS mode to practitioners to make corrections simply via a graphical interface and then to 3D print, in their clinics, prosthesis / orthesis in a minimum of time.

Why Anenke?

Anenke is a pioneer in the field of 3D printing of medical devices. Created in 2016 after 2 years of R & D with MIT, it offers a revolutionary range of products for the following specialties: orthodontics, maxillofacial surgery and implantology.

To date, Anenke has produced more than 300 treatments for health professionals. Our proven 3-step approach saves time for healthcare professionals while improving the quality of care.


Depending on experience and qualifications.

Required Skills

 Technical skills

3D Computer Vision

3D software

Expertise in C, C ++, Python programming, …

Expertise in machine learning

Expertise in 3D shape recognition

Other skills

We are looking for a champion

Ability to lead a project

Ability to manage a team

Rigor and organization


The profile

 Diplomas required

Education: MS/PhD in Computer Science or similar with 3+ years of experience.

Successful experience in imaging algorithm development

Solid understanding of image signal processing (ISP) pipeline

Experience in evaluation image quality is a plus

Skilled in C/C++, Python, Excel, Word, Visio





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