Post-Doc Position at the University of Washington in Real-Time Spectroscopic Photoacoustic Imaging

My colleague Ivan (Vanya) Pelivanov and I (Matt O’Donnell) in the (ultrasound) Washington Molecular Imaging and Therapy (uWAMIT) Center, Department of Bioengineering, University of Washington (UW) are looking for a new post-doctoral fellow in photoacoustic imaging.

Our lab focuses on systems combining optical and acoustic waves in biomedical imaging and non-destructive testing (NDT), including advanced US imaging, photoacoustic imaging, OCT, optical coherence elastography (OCE), laser-ultrasonics and optical interferometry.

Recently we received an award from the NIH in real-time spectroscopic integrated photoacoustic/ultrasound (PAUS) imaging. This project is an academic-industrial partnership in collaboration with GE Research. The new post-doc will be part of the research team, working both with UW and GE researchers. It’s a great opportunity to work across academic and industrial environments. We expect the position will last for two years, but like all grant-funded positions, formal appointments are from year to year.

Recent paper on this system:

Required skills:

  • strong background in acoustics/optics
  • very strong system skills, especially in programming real-time ultrasound scanners such as the Verasonics
  • strong skills in programming and advanced computation: MATLAB, Labview, C++, Python
  • expertise in modeling: COMSOL, K-Wave and PZFlex (OnScale)
  • experience in experimental biomedical ultrasound, acoustic, or optical imaging


  • Seattle, one of the most beautiful places on Earth located in the Pacific Northwest of the USA, is surrounded by mountains from all sides and is close to four US National parks but is also a very sophisticated city with unlimited cultural opportunities. It provides great outdoor opportunities in hiking, skiing, climbing, kayaking, bicycling, and sailing. The beautiful setting, strong research infrastructure at UW, and community commitment to building a diverse and equitable society is a great environment to have a fun and productive post-doctoral experience.
  • If you are interested in integrated photoacoustic/ultrasound imaging, this project is nearly ideal given its focus on a system for molecular guidance of interventional procedures.
  • The vast majority of our post-docs easily find an outstanding job in industry or academia. 

All interested candidates should contact us by e-mail, specify their research strengths, and attach a current electronic copy of their CV/resumes.

Contact us:

Matthew O’Donnell – Vanya Pelivanov –